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Layla Bell, TN

“In 2003 I had a terrible bike accident causing me to fracture my pelvis in two places.  I thought everything would heal correctly by not participating in any activity for a few months.  While training for the Memphis Marathon in 2007, I found that my past injuries had created significant pelvic imbalances and leg length discrepancies, causing severe hip pain and the inability to compete in races. 

Myofascial Release has made me more aware of the problem areas in my body.  Receiving treatment and stretching on a regular basis has corrected the pelvic imbalances and eliminated my pain.  As I continue to train for races, I have discovered ways to apply what I have learned in therapy and incorporate stretching into my everyday life.  Myofascial Release is a process; it’s not putting a band-Aid on your body, it teaches about your posture as well as how to heal and restore the body by stretching.”          

Layla Bell, TN
Recreational Triathlete and Marathoner,
Boston Marathon Finisher 2008