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Free Discovery Visit

Not Sure Whether Physical Therapy Is Right For You? Schedule your FREE DISCOVERY VISIT

I’d like to extend an invitation to schedule a FREE 30 minute initial consultation where you’ll get to spend on-on-one time with me and we can talk over your problem.

We call it a DISCOVERY VISIT… Because you get to DISCOVER what’s going wrong to cause your pain, get a diagnosis and DISCOVER what needs to be done to fix it and by who…. Plus, you get to DISCOVER all about us and physical therapy BEFORE you even have to consider your in or out-of-network benefits or consider how you might want to pay.

free discovery consultation

DISCOVER what’s going wrong to cause your pain

Let’s just start by finding out what’s wrong, and what can be done. You’ll get to ask us any questions that may currently be concerning you about why your pain has carried on for so long – meaning you’ll leave with peace of mind and some renewed HOPE for a future with LESS or NO pain. At the end of the completely FREE DISCOVERY consultation, should you ask to become our patient (because you like the sound of what we can do for you), we can guide you on the next steps regarding your insurance benefits and what we provide to help you with submission of claims. If you’re interested in the DISCOVERY VISIT, to discuss your best options to ease or end your pain.

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